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Smart Music

Smart Music

All members of the Williamsburg Bands are required to use Smart Music for assignments. Smart Music is an extraordinary practice tool, and it is highly recommended that students purchase this software for the ease and convenience of practicing at home. Please check out the links below to find out more about Smart Music.

Great Smart Music uses:

  • Sight Reading(in the format of most student auditions)

  • Recording oneself(very valuable for picking up on things we need to focus on in practice)

  • Learning/practicing current and future! band literature.

  • Finding solos to study(with accompaniment)

Video #1 – How to Enroll in your SmartMusic band class on a laptop or desktop, once you’ve purchased a subscription. Please reference the above Ipad Usermanual for enrollment directions for the Ipad.

Video #2 – Completion and submission of a SIGHT READING Assignment.

Video #3 – Completing a Non-Sight Reading assignment on SmartMusic, using an IPad. Please reference the above Ipad Usermanual for further directions for the Ipad.

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