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-Gift Ideas for your musician!!!


Private Lessons!

Give the gift of increased skill and knowledge. This gift will be make a tremendous difference in the progress of your child and inevitably add to your child’s passion and enjoyment of music! Click HERE for a list of excellent private teachers!

Instrument Upgrade!

Having a step-up or pro level instrument will make it much easier for your child to sound awesome and feel great about their efforts and progress. It is very important to consult a private teacher or your band director before choosing an instrument to purchase. Many instruments that look fun and cool and are seemingly a “very good deal”  are often of poor quality and will very soon become a source of frustration for your child, without them knowing it’s the instrument and not them.

7688a_green-spring-cakeInstrument Accessories!

-comfortable neckstraps

-larger reed case

-instrument stands

-more sticks and mallets

-instrument cases(backpack style-lighter and rugged-more outside pockects for storage-different colors!)

-sturdier music stand for home practice

Concert & Performances!

One of the best ways to increase your appreciation and learn about one’s instrument is to attend professional performances. The military bands gives free performances…all the time!!!! There also many other performances…jazz at the smithsonian, chamber music at the smithsonian, Millennium stage performances at the Kennedy Center, The Capitol Wind Symphony, The Fairfax Symphony, The National Symphony and much, much more… Click HERE for links to professional ensemble websites.

Sheet Music!

Your local music store has all kinds of fun sheet music and music books just waiting for your child to dive into. Along with more serious and traditional literature, there is pop music, movie music and much more!

Gift Ideas from YHS Bands!!!! SwHmIUfa

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