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Brass Bands!

A British brass band is a musical ensemble comprising a standardized range of brass and percussion instruments. The modern form of the brass band in the United Kingdom dates back to the 19th century, with a vibrant tradition of competition based around communities and local industry, with colliery bands being particularly notable. The Stalybridge Old Band (still in existence) was formed in 1809 and was perhaps the first civilian brass band in the world.

European Brass Band Championship site, click HERE

The British Open Brass Band Championships, click HERE 

US Open Brass Band Championships, click HERE

North American Brass Band Association, click HERE

Drum Corp!

A modern drum and bugle corps, is a musical marching band consisting of brass instruments, percussion instruments, synthesizers, and color guard. Typically operating as independent non-profit organizations, drum corps/bands perform in competitions, parades, festivals, and other civic functions. Participants of all ages are represented within the band activity, but the majority are between the ages of 13 and 22 and are members of corps within Drum Corps International or Drum Corps Associates.

Drum Corp International and Drum Corps Associates, click HERE

New Orleans Brass Bands!

The tradition of brass bands in New Orleans, Louisiana dates to the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Traditionally, New Orleans brass bands could feature various instrumentations, often including trumpets, trombones, clarinets, saxophones, sousaphones and percussion. The music played by these groups was often a fusion between European-styled military band music and African folk music brought to the Americas by west African slaves and the idiom played a significant role in the development of traditional jazz. Early brass bands include the Eureka Brass Band, the Onward Brass Band, the Excelsior Brass Band, the Tuxedo Brass Band, the Young Tuxedo Brass Band, the Camelia Brass Band, and the Olympia Brass Band.

A well-known use of these bands is for the New Orleans jazz funeral.

The Hot 8 Brass Band, click HERE

Dirty Dozen Brass band, click HERE

Trombone Shorty and New Orleans Avenue, click HERE

Preservation Hall Jazz Band, click HERE

Street Bands!

Acoustic Bands (winds and percussion),mostly non-professional, perform at festivals, parades, parks and other events. Honk!, a festival in Somerville, Mass, is a very known event hosting street bands from around the world, every year.

Honk!, click HERE

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